Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim is a child's first guide to water safety. Written for children ages two through six, the book shows how to be safe near the water through the story of Stewie the Duck - a duck who wants to swim with the big ducks but is prevented from going into the water by his older sisters until he learns the water safety rules. This book received a National Water Safety Youth Education Award from the National Water Safety Congress and is used in water safety courses around the country.

Swimming Lessons with Stewie the Duck is the sequel to Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim and addresses the fears children face when they take swimming lessons and the skills necessary to be a good, safe swimmer. Many fun new characters are introduced in this book that help Stewie pass his swim test and receive a medal. A sing-along CD is also included.

The Healthy Way is a story geared to children ages four through six that explains the importance of eating right and being active. It focuses on four critical areras: the imprtance of breakfast, getting three servings of dairy a day, eating more fruits and vegetables, and being active.
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